Active Transportation and Transit Infrastructure Improvements in and Around Griffith Park

Franklin/Harvard Signalized Crosswalk

The project will install a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon/HAWK signalized crosswalk with curb extensions at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Harvard Boulevard.

Riverside Drive Bridge Bicycle Facility and Riverside/ Victory/ Sonora Intersection and Signal Design and Pre-Construction Work

Funds will be used to cover pre-construction costs like planning and design for a protected bikeway from the LA RiverWay to Victory Boulevard/Sonora Avenue along Riverside Drive. It will include signal design work as well as civil improvements related to the intersection of Victory Boulevard/Sonora Avenue/Riverside Drive, such as curb ramps.

Zoo Drive (Forest Lawn Drive to Western Heritage Drive) Protected Bike Lanes and Speed Mitigation

This project will fill existing bike lane gaps on Zoo Drive in Griffith Park as well as create protected sections where feasible.

Zoo Drive (Ferraro Soccer Fields) Speed Humps

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation will install speed humps at the Griffith Park Dog Park and Ferraro Soccer Fields to calm traffic coming off of the westbound 134 Freeway.

Los Feliz/Riverside Traffic Signal Improvements

Design and Construction of Protected Permissive Left Turn Phasing for northbound and southbound directions at the Los Feliz Blvd/Riverside Dr intersection.

Los Feliz Boulevard Parkway Pathway Design Study

This feasibility study will evaluate the current parkways and sidewalks on Los Feliz Boulevard from Western Avenue to Vermont Avenue and report on potential alignments of a sidewalk-grade cycletrack/pathway as well as needed ADA improvements and traffic calming features. One key guideline for the project is the feasibility of a pathway that can exist within the context of the existing majestic cedars.

Mulholland Highway Fencing

This project will replace the existing rental fencing on Mulholland Highway near Canyon Lake Drive with a permanent occlusive fence to discourage viewing the Hollywood Sign from the middle of the road, which is a safety hazard.

Tunnel 1 Lighting

This project will add and refurbish existing lighting in Tunnel 1, an equestrian and pedestrian tunnel that connects the North Atwater Bridge to the Crystal Springs Picnic Area, traversing under the 5 Freeway.

Fern Dell–Trails Cafe Crosswalk and Safety Project

This project will create a crosswalk between Trails Cafe and the playground at Fern Dell as well as add speed mitigation features and limited sidewalk improvements.

Griffith Park Safety & Mobility Improvements Feasibility Study Phase 3 (Crystal Springs Roadway Redesign)

The next phase of our Griffith Park roadway safety work is a roadway reconfiguration on Crystal Springs Drive from Los Feliz Boulevard to Griffith Park Drive. This project will create protected/separated biking and walking lanes on Crystal Springs Drive and calm traffic.

RV Rehousing Near Griffith Park with St. Joseph Center (Homelessness)

Funds to help our rehousing work with RV residents in the Griffith Park area. This work is with the St. Joseph Center.