Fighting for a Sustainable Los Angeles

We have wasted years debating climate policy while our planet has steadily warmed to the existential crisis we face today. There has never been more urgency to enact solutions — and through a robust slate of environmental legislation, ambitious district initiatives, and partnerships across the state, our office is charting a bold path to create a sustainable Los Angeles that is equitably shared by all Angelenos.

Bringing a City Perspective To Regional Air Quality Issues

In February 2022, Councilmember Raman was appointed by Mayor Garcetti to represent the City of Los Angeles on the South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) Governing Board. The organization’s mission is to clean the air and protect the health of all residents in the South Coast Air District through practical and innovative strategies, which the Governing Board executes through the development and adoption of plans and regulations to reduce emissions in the region.

The Governing Board is a critical tool for Los Angeles to mitigate the effects of climate change. As a Board Member, Councilmember Raman collaborates with her colleagues to ensure that everyone in the South Coast region has healthy, clean air to breathe, and that our ports become models for twenty-first century shipping that center environmental sustainability and environmental justice in their operations.

Tackling the Climate Emergency at the Root

Meeting the climate crisis with urgency requires taking broad action to reduce emissions from our City and State’s biggest greenhouse gas contributors. Since taking office, Councilmember Raman has fought to implement changes to lessen emissions — both to protect those currently being most harmed by their impact, and for generations of Angelenos to come: 

Calling For Zero-Emission Shipping At Our Ports 
The international shipping industry’s pollution is expected to comprise 17% of global carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, with LA receiving 40% of all containerized cargo imports to the US. In response to the negative repercussions of this shipping on LA’s port cities, Councilmember Raman called for a transition to 100% zero-emission shipping at the Port of Los Angeles by 2030. 

Supporting City and State-Wide Electric Vehicle Adoption 
Councilmember Raman’s policy has advocated for quicker and more expansive transitions to zero-emission vehicle use, including requiring that all new City-owned vehicles be zero-emission, and calling for action at the State level to achieve 100% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2030 for all new vehicles in California.

Ensuring City-Owned Property Is Sustainable 
In one of the first environmental initiatives of her term, Council adopted Councilmember Raman’s legislation directing City departments to develop a plan for retrofitting City-owned buildings to decarbonize and achieve net-zero energy.

Fostering Inclusive, Affordable, and Opportunity-Rich Neighborhoods

Joining the groundbreaking of the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, an important initiative in wildlife protection, including for District 4’s own P-22!

Creating Regional Connectivity To Protect Wildlife 
In partnership with Councilmembers Rodriguez, Bonin, and Lee, Councilmember Raman introduced a motion develop a comprehensive regional wildlife habitat connectivity master plan in partnership with neighboring jurisdictions and organizations, pooling resources, staff, funding, and expertise to ensure that regional efforts aimed at protecting native wildlife are not enacted in silos. 

Supporting City Policy To Protect Wildlife & Ridgelines 
The LA Department of City Planning (DCP)’s Revised Draft Wildlife Ordinance is being developed in response to a 2014 motion from Councilmember Paul Koretz – the Draft Ordinance aims to promote wildlife habitat and connectivity, and maintain essential habitat and wildlife corridors for animals and plants that are important to LA’s urban ecosystem. 

  • Since taking office, Councilmember Raman has supported the broad goals of the ordinance, as well as the incorporation of community feedback into revised versions of the Draft Ordinance, including the most recent version, applying community support for consolidation of the proposed independent Ridgeline Ordinance into the updated draft.
  • Our office believes public input is critical to this process, and supports continued outreach and coordination by DCP with stakeholders, wildlife experts, and implementing Departments of the City of Los Angeles.
  • For more information on the Draft Wildlife Ordinance and upcoming opportunities for input, click HERE.

Resources & More Information

South Coast Air Quality Management District

Further info on SCAQMD, including Air Quality forecasts, meeting agendas and minutes, CEQA guidelines, and more. 

LA City Draft Wildlife Ordinance Info Hub

Proposed regulations is to balance wildlife habitat and connectivity with private property development thereby achieving more sustainable outcomes in the hillsides and habitats of Los Angeles.