For Immediate Release: June 29, 2023



LOS ANGELES — Councilmember Nithya Raman has introduced critical legislation to address long standing impacts of Hollywood Sign tourism on neighboring residents. With vacation travel rebounding dramatically after years of hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Councilmember Raman’s suite of motions address safety concerns and the increasing strain on Hollywood Hills infrastructure from visitors driving, ridesharing, or taking tour buses on narrow residential streets to get up close views of the Hollywood Sign.


Install Permanent Fencing on Mulholland Highway

Councilmember Raman’s motion asks for the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) to initiate a permanent replacement to temporary fencing erected several years ago at the end of Mulholland Highway above Lake Hollywood Park that obstructs views of the sign to reduce cars from stopping and congesting a key roadway residents use to access their homes. New permanent fencing would provide an attractive alternative as well as additional space for people to walk on a safer side path out of the street.


Implement Public Safety and Traffic Improvements at Canyon Lake Drive/Mulholland Highway

Councilmember Raman’s motion requests the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) to establish a project studying and implementing improvements to the intersection of Mulholland Highway and Canyon Lake Drive in what has become a popular vista for the Hollywood Sign. The current roadway is difficult to navigate, and encourages traffic to back up during peak tourist days. Councilmember Raman’s legislation asks BOE to make significant improvements to the public right of way including roadway, sidewalks, and loading areas, to more effectively handle car traffic and vehicle throughput to address safety concerns related to evacuation and congestion.


Conduct Parking Study on Canyon Lake Drive

Councilmember Raman’s motion directs the Department of Transportation (LADOT) to better manage parking demand for tourists at Lake Hollywood Park who frequently block traffic on Canyon Lake Drive waiting for parking spots to open up for prime vistas of the Hollywood Sign. This motion builds off of the success of a similar paid parking program near the Griffith Observatory by encouraging parking spots to turn over more frequently, thus addressing traffic congestion and capturing revenue that could be used to finance infrastructure projects and staffing needs to help mitigate tourism.


Conduct Tour Bus Study East of the 101  

Tour Buses create unique problems for the Hollywood Hills, with buses over 6,000 pounds often obstructing views for drivers, blocking travel lanes, and further straining hillside roadways with their weight. The Department of Transportation is expected to finalize their report on Tour Bus impacts, with proposals to address them for Hollywood Hills communities on the west side of the 101 freeway by the end of this summer. Councilmember Raman’s motion asks LADOT to begin an analysis for communities to the east of the 101 freeway that are in close proximity to the Hollywood Sign after the first report is complete. 


Improve Access to Popular Hiking Destination 

Finally, hikers and hiking have long been a part of Los Angeles’s rich outdoor activity culture. The Wonder View Trail up to the Wisdom Tree is a popular route near the Hollywood Sign, however hikers have to walk in the roadway on a twisting narrow road with blind curves to access the current trailhead. Councilmember Raman introduced a motion requesting the Bureau of Engineering to build an extension to the Wonder View Trail that would allow hikers a new, safe access point approximately 1,200 feet to the west of the current trail next to the existing street parking for the trail.