For Immediate Release: April 24, 2022


LOS ANGELES — Today, LA City Councilmember Nithya Raman released a message in recognition of Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, honoring the victims and survivors of the genocide, and addressing the current need for reparations. Councilmember Raman represents the Fourth Council District, which has one of the largest Armenian communities in both Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. 

Councilmember Raman’s message to the Armenian communities of Los Angeles and worldwide can be found below: 

Today is about remembrance, honoring the lives of those lost, and continuing the fight for justice. This fight has been led by a courageous and resilient people, who have been demanding recognition of the Armenian genocide for 107 years now. 

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day is so important because we must look clear-eyed at our past in order to prevent repeating injustice. The Armenian genocide was followed by a campaign of hatred and dehumanization, and a deliberate campaign by Turkey to deny these events – to revise history, a campaign that Hitler himself cited to justify his own violence. 

For over a century, leaders across the globe turned their heads away from this history. 

But today, I stand here at a moment where the truth is slowly being acknowledged, and finally at the national level here in America. 

But I’m proud to be standing here as a member of a City Council that has consistently raised awareness of the Armenian genocide – passing dozens of resolutions in recognition. Yerevan and Los Angeles have partnered and collaborated as Sister Cities since 2007. 

Los Angeles is encouraging our entire city to speak out against hate crimes and incidents with our LA for All campaign; declaring in bold, colorful letters that this city is for everyone

I’m in awe of the resilience of the Armenian community. Armenians came to Los Angeles – and created a new home: including places of worship, cultural centers, schools, businesses – they created a true community here in our Los Angeles community, and they made our city better for it.   

As one of your elected leaders, I stand with you today to demand justice and reparations for victims and the descendents of genocide survivors. I call on Azerbaijan to end its violence in Artsakh and Armenia because by breaking the cycle of violence and preventing future catastrophes, we can bring true meaning to the phrase: “never again.” Thank you.