Dear Friends, 

After five days of record-breaking rain, Los Angeles is finally starting to dry out, allowing city officials to survey the damage and begin recovery. 

The hillside communities in Council District 4 were especially hard hit, with several mudslides leading to evacuations, as well as extreme erosion, damaged homes, power outages, and road degradation. My team and I have been conducting site visits throughout the week, ensuring that residents displaced by the storm have a place to stay, and that city crews are able to begin repairs. 

Since Sunday, BSS has received over 560 service requests related to mudslides. Crews have been inspecting each location and taking appropriate actions to clean sites as soon as possible. Along Fryman Canyon, a BSS crew was able to quickly assess the area and partner with BOE to clear hazardous mud and debris. 

This morning, my team joined the Emergency Management Department (EMD), Bureau of Street Services (BSS), Bureau of Engineering (BOE), and the Department of Building and Safety (DBS) to collectively survey the storm damage on Mulholland Drive, between Bowmont and Skyline Drive. This area is closed off to drivers and pedestrians due to extensive roadway damage resulting from what’s called a “slope washout,” or a gradual eroding of the hillsides.

BOE has measured the damage and is now designing the proposal for repairs. While we do not have time estimates for repairs yet, this area is a top priority and we will be monitoring the situation closely. In the meantime, our office has requested BSS install K Rails to prevent further damage to the road. 

In the aftermath of the storm, the City and County are now working to provide financial support to residents impacted by the storm. Please see the list of resources below to apply for assistance: 

LA County Misfortune and Calamity Tax Relief

You may be eligible for tax relief if your property is damaged or destroyed by a calamity, such as fire or flooding. To qualify, you must file an Application for Reassessment: Property Damaged or Destroyed by Misfortune or Calamity (ADS-820) with the Assessor’s Office within 12 months from the date the property was damaged or destroyed. The loss must exceed $10,000 of current market value.

  • To determine eligibility and to apply, click HERE.

LA County Damage Collection Survey

The Damage Collection Survey will assist the County of Los Angeles in collecting damage information and associated costs that are a direct result of the February 2024 Winter Storm. This information will be used to determine the estimated dollar amount of disaster damages within the County and be used to determine if the estimated dollar amount of disaster damages within Los Angeles County meets the established thresholds to qualify for various disaster assistance programs. 

  • To complete the survey, click HERE

*Completing this form does not guarantee a disaster declaration will be received nor does it guarantee you will be eligible or receive disaster assistance. This is an informational gathering document that will be used to determine if disaster assistance is eligible based on the total amount of damages countywide. If you have any questions regarding information being collected or this form, email

Small Business Finance Center’s Disaster Relief Loan Guarantee Program

The Small Business Finance Center’s Disaster Relief Loan Guarantee Program was created to help businesses recover from a declared disaster. The loan guarantees provided by the Disaster Relief Loan Guarantee Program help mitigate barriers to capital for small businesses that have suffered a loss (either physical or economic) due to a disaster. The program helps businesses remain solvent during an extremely difficult time and eventually recover from their losses.

  • For more information, click HERE

City crews will continue to work around the clock to ensure Angelenos are safe and protected. Additional up-to-date information can be found at As always, CD4 residents can call us for assistance at (213) 473-7004 and stay updated on social media @cd4losangeles (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).

Wishing you a safe and dry weekend,