Dear Friends, 

In recent years, the City of Los Angeles has been plagued with political scandals that have led to a real erosion of trust between residents and their elected representatives. The leaked tapes that rocked City Hall a year ago brought a new urgency and focus around the need for robust governance reform. Last week, the City Council took a key step toward enacting that reform, unanimously voting to put the creation of a truly independent redistricting commission for the City of Los Angeles on the ballot in November 2024. Because changing how the lines are drawn for LA requires charter reform, this change requires voter approval.

Beyond the abhorrent racism on display in those leaked tapes, the conversations were clear evidence that our City’s 2021 redistricting process was manipulated for personal political gain. Councilmembers on the recordings were also explicit in their intent to reduce the voting power of renters -– at a time when renters in the City were in their most vulnerable moment due to COVID. 

But under our current legislative structure, this leaked conversation about redistricting was completely within the bounds of the law. In our current redistricting process, Councilmembers appoint their own redistricting commissioners and they’re allowed to have ex-parte conversations with them. Commissioners can serve even if they are lobbyists who have business in front of the city. Appointed commissioners can run for office in the same districts they helped to draw. AND, once the maps come to Council, the Council has full discretion to redraw the lines.

Council District 4 was the most impacted by our last redistricting process by far, and after my experience with it, I introduced a motion to put a true independent redistricting system in place. That effort stalled for a full year, thanks to resistance from our former Council President, one of the three councilmembers on the tapes. It was only after the tapes leaked that the process moved forward in earnest. 

Voters will now be able to vote in November to remove individual councilmembers’ influence over their own district lines, hopefully moving us closer to a system that reflects the best interests of Angelenos, NOT the interests of political players. 

It has taken a long time to get here and it has been a hard-won fight. I ran for office and I enthusiastically serve in this role – because I really believe in the power of government to do good — but that requires a governance system that is anchored in integrity. Now, we are one step closer to achieving this vision of the government we deserve.

In Solidarity,

I. Updates From City Hall — Expanding The CIRCLE Program To Sherman Oaks, Investing In Our Homeless Services Workforce, Streamlining Housing Development Through ED7, Approving The Harvard-Westlake River Project Proposal 

II. In The District —Celebrating Diwali With The Valley Indian Seniors Association, Honoring CD4’s Veteran Of The Year, Attending The North Hollywood Interfaith Pantry Thanksgiving Service, Speaking At The Girls Build Summit, Hosting Our 2nd Annual Turkey Giveaway In Reseda, Announcing The 91st Annual Christmas Holiday Parade, Dedicating Funding To The Sidewalk And Transit Amenities Program, Clearing Storm Drains In Hollywood

III. Upcoming Events – Studio City Holiday Night Market, LA Zoo Lights

IV. Resources & Forums — Sepulveda Basin Vision Plan Community Meeting, Sign Up For SoCal Gas Notifications For Price Increases, Microenterprise Recovery Grant For Small Businesses, Attend the Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council, Hollywood Blvd Safety & Mobility Study, Encino Hills Traffic Survey, CIFD Child Care Survey, Re-Imagining The Griffith Park Pony Rides, 

V. Construction & Closures — Mulholland Speed Humps

VI. Other Helpful Links


I’m excited to share that we’ve expanded the CIRCLE program to cover the Sherman Oaks area, which will offer unarmed crisis response for people experiencing homelessness! On Nov 1st, the CIRCLE program officially began serving the Sherman Oaks community, including the Ventura Boulevard business corridor, in order to help respond to calls involving unhoused individuals, loitering, noise disturbances, substance abuse issues and indecent exposure. 

CIRCLE stands for Crisis and Incident Response through Community-Led Engagement, and it serves as an alternative response to nonviolent incidents, with a focus on those involving people experiencing homelessness. If someone needs a wellbeing check or is causing a nonviolent disturbance, the CIRCLE Team can arrive quickly and help manage the situation. 

The program has been underway in the Hollywood Area for over a year now, including in the Los Feliz portion of our district, and the teams have done a lot already. In the year after its activation in January 2022, the CIRCLE program responded to 4,479 diverted calls from 911 or the LAPD non-emergency line, along with thousands more incidents encountered in the field. Their presence provides a much-needed boost to LA’s alternative crisis response resources. The CIRCLE Team can respond to calls quickly, de-escalate incidents, and connect individuals to needed medical and mental health services. It’s a true community-based crisis response — one that I am so grateful to have serving even more of the district. 


Addressing homelessness in Los Angeles must include investing in our homeless sector workforce. That is why I introduced a motion to explore how the City can address compensation challenges to help grow the overall capacity and effectiveness of the homeless service workforce. 

Our homeless services workforce in Los Angeles is essential to preventing and ending homelessness in the City, particularly frontline staff such as outreach workers, case managers, housing navigators, and peers.However, the demanding nature of these positions – both physically and emotionally – has contributed to burnout, high rates of staff turnover, and fractured service delivery to a high-needs population. 

It is estimated that frontline staff in the homeless services sector often only earn between about $40,000 and $60,000 annually. This means that many in the field earn so little that many struggle to pay their own rent and some are experiencing homelessness themselves. This is simply unacceptable. 

As we work to end homelessness across the City, we must ensure that those doing the work day-in and day-out are adequately paid and supported. 


I was proud to join Mayor Bass and many of our excellent partners in the City a few weeks ago for the signing of Executive Directive 7. ED1 showed us that developers value predictability and that we can actually incentivize the creation of deeply affordable and much needed housing in Los Angeles. This new Executive Directive takes us another step forward! 

Los Angeles is facing one of the worst housing and homelessness crises in the nation. A huge contributing factor to our housing shortage is that we have been unable to build enough units at the pace required to match the scale of need in the City. One proven way we can reverse this trend is by cutting through the red tape and increasing the predictability and speed of housing development review in the City.

We’ve heard time and time again from developers that the lengthy review process and lack of predictability serves as a disincentive to building affordable housing. ED1 sought to reverse this and as a result we saw a drastic cut in approval time for 100% affordable housing from an average of six months to just 47 days!

With ED7, the City of Los Angeles is seeking to streamline the permitting process for additional housing, including qualified mixed-income housing projects. We are creating a process that doesn’t just put the projects we want to see most at the front of the line, but actually creates a line that is faster, easier, and smoother so that the housing we need built can be done in the fastest way possible. 

By removing barriers to housing production, we can rise to the task of building more housing for all Angelenos across income levels. 


After years of deliberation, the City Council moved last month to approve the proposed Harvard-Westlake River Project. While this project pre-dates my time in office or as the representative of this area, my staff and I have spent countless hours engaging with community members, city departments including the Planning Department and the City Attorney, and school representatives to try and address constituent concerns about the project, including increasing public access to green space, improving pedestrian safety, reducing the size and frequency of events, reducing construction noise and traffic impacts, and more. 

Through our advocacy, we have been able to secure a package of recreational benefits for the community including:

  • 5.4 acres of publicly accessible and ADA compliant open greenspace and landscaped pathways connecting to the adjacent Zev Yaroslavsky Greenway, including pocket parks, trails, benches, shade, trees, walkways; 
  • Ensuring that publicly accessible green space is open 7 days a week, and that no school associated athletic events, practices, or games will take place on Sundays;
  • Ensuring public and individual access to fields and the track, the swimming pool, and the tennis courts when they’re not in use by the school, and;
  • Ensuring that no Olympic related events including athletic games or otherwise will be held on the project site. 

My team and I have done our best to honor the deeply personal connection many of you feel for this facility, and to push the project in a direction that serves both the community and the school. I am grateful for the good faith collaboration among all who worked diligently to get us to this pivotal stage in the process. My office is committed – completely – to making sure that Harvard-Westlake School follows through on being a responsible and responsive partner, including through the process of construction. I look forward to working with residents to ensure the site becomes part of a new chapter for our community that I hope we can all be proud of. 

You can read my full remarks on the project HERE


I was thrilled to join the Valley Indian Seniors Association to commemorate Diwali, a holiday I’ve celebrated since I was a little girl in India. Diwali is a time to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil, and it is always an excuse to dance! I was joined by 150 Indian seniors from across the San Fernando Valley as we partook in delicious samosas, hearty singing, and a chance to show off our dance moves. 

Thank you to VISA for hosting us, and thank you especially to Harish Amar, Sunita Batra, Nishtha Raheja Goel, and Suresh Kothari for organizing another incredible program for our seniors! 


This Veteran’s Day I had the opportunity to honor BJ Lange as our Council District 4 Veteran of the Year. BJ is a 14-year resident of Franklin Village and serves on the SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles Local military committee, the artists council for the Armed Forces Arts Partnership, and as the comedy coach for the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program – where he uses improv techniques to teach resiliency to fellow wounded, ill, and injured service members and their caregivers, truly demonstrating the healing power of the arts, and especially of comedy.  

I also want to share an extraordinary story of his heroism in Los Angeles. Last year, in Hollywood, he saw a victim of a shooting. BJ immediately sprung into action using his military medical experience and removed the victim from a car, performed an assessment and immediate 9-1-1 coordination, and conducted CPR for the patient. Although the individual ultimately did not survive their injuries, BJ’s courage meant that he stayed to help an individual in their last moments, even as others ran away.  

Thank you for your service to both our country and our city, BJ Lange, U.S. Air Force Aerospace Medical Technician (A1C) Airman First Class Retired!


I recently joined the LA Promise Fund to share how I followed my passion for change all the way to a position in government. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to make a difference in my community, but as an immigrant (and a very shy little girl!) I didn’t know how to make my voice heard. However, by leaning on support from friends at school, work, and the community around me, I developed confidence in my quiet leadership and made space for other girls to voice their passion for change, too!

That’s why I think organizations like LA Promise Fund and programs like Girls Build are so important. The Girls Build summit helps carve a path for girls and young women to be empowered and understand the purpose, importance, and impact of using their voice. 

We have so much to learn from our next generation of leaders, and I hope that sharing a bit about my path to leadership fuels their motivation to find new, innovative ways to become leaders themselves.


I joined leaders of the North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry at Temple Beth Hillel for the Food Pantry’s Annual Service of Thanks and Giving – an opportunity for the community to reflect on the previous year’s effort to welcome the stranger and feed the hungry. Now, more than ever, I am grateful for the opportunity to join in community with people of all faiths in reflection of the year past, and in hope for the future. 

Thank you Rabbi Sarah Hronsky, Rabbi Keara Stein, and Temple Beth Hillel for your hospitality and generosity as our host and thank you to Rev. Dr. Louise Goben, Marty Lasker, Uri Niv, Jane Poole, Barbara Javitz, Reverend Ian Macdonald, Drew Powell, Sandra McCurdy, and many others for nourishing our residents with comforting meals. 


Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, my team and I gave out 360 turkeys at the Second Annual CD4 Turkey Giveaway in Reseda! In partnership with Children’s Hospital, Child Development Institute, and West Valley YMCA, we held a free food giveaway to distribute veggies, fruits, and turkeys to families in the San Fernando Valley. Our mission behind this work is to lend a helping hand and share the holiday spirit with community members throughout the district, and I’m so grateful for the volunteers who helped ensure every family has a warm meal on the table this Thursday. 

The majority of volunteers this weekend were part of the Children’s Hospital Community Impact Champions Network. Founded by CHLA in 2019, this group connects hospital staff with community initiatives to encourage participation in local good neighbor programs and projects related to food access, sustainability, and environmental safety and beautification. We are so lucky to have such compassionate organizations by our side! 

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t extend my gratitude to our #TeamCD4 staff, who worked tirelessly to connect with community partners in order to bring these resources to families in Reseda. Together, we can continue to lift up our communities, one neighborhood at a time.


We know that our public-rights-of-way are the place where we can maximize our public shade, cooling, and resiliency. It is our job as the current generation of leaders in Los Angeles to continue to transform these areas to be spaces of resiliency where Angelenos can take refuge from the elements and where our urban lungs can breathe.

On Monday, I joined City and State partners to announce additional funding secured to build new bus shelters through the Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program (STAP) and for projects that help address severe heat across the city. For the first time in this City’s history, we are actually committing dollars that will go directly towards building 3,000 critical bus structures. To put that into perspective, in just the first year of this contract, we are going to build more bus structures than we’ve built in the last 20 years here in Los Angeles! That is a dramatic change that is going to result in a new way of getting around this city because you will have much needed shade at all of these stops for the first time. 

I also want to extend a special thank you to Congressman Tony Cardenas for $2.5M in Federal Community Project Funding for additional bus shelters, shade structures, cool paving street segments and other neighborhood cooling projects like increasing our tree canopy. I had the chance to see the new cool pavement up close and talk to one of the engineers, who proudly shared that the slurry works through technology in the color pigment that reflects heat waves. It is also water-based and 100% recyclable, and the water run-off contains no chemicals, thereby making it potable – a huge plus for the City! 


As the rainy season approaches, our office has been proactively working to ensure our communities are safe and prepared ahead of potential storms. 

Following heavy rain, storm drains can become clogged with trash and debris, leading to flooded streets, unsafe driving conditions, dangerous power outages, and potential accidents. Our office has been working with the Los Angeles Department of Sanitation (LASAN) to clear storm drains and last month we submitted requests for LASAN Wastewater Division to clear out debris in over 20 drains in the Hollywood area. After last Wednesday’s showers, we requested that LASAN work on clearing the drains on Cahuenga that had been overwhelmed by leaves, dirt, and debris.

We can now expect these drains to properly remove water from our roads, allowing us to maintain safe and clear streets during the rainy season and beyond! To report a clogged storm drain or flooded street in your area, please call 311 to submit a clearing request.


Celebrate the winter season with wine, shopping, food, and gifts galore at the Studio City Holiday Night Market!

We’ve partnered with the Studio City Chamber of Commerce and local businesses Vintage Wine + Eats and DIA Natural Wine to close down Ventura Blvd. and bring together over 40 artisans and small businesses for the community to enjoy! From artisanal candles to food trucks to sustainably made fashion, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! We can all find joy in shopping small this holiday season— especially if it’s with a little beveragino in hand!

  • DATE: Thursday, December 7th
  • TIME: 4:30 – 9:30PM
  • LOCATION: Ventura Place between Laurel Canyon & Radford Ave – home of the Studio City Farmers Market
  • PARKING: Holiday market-goers can park for free at the structure on Radford Avenue (between Guerin and Valleyheart)


Celebrate the season with L.A.’s not-to-be-missed holiday adventure in the heart of the city! Explore an immersive landscape filled with dazzling new lantern sculptures of animals among blooming flowers, towering trees, and more, for a nature-focused holiday celebration that’s as inspiring as it is breathtaking. 

This year’s experience features all-new seasonal wonders, including a magical Winter Wildlands with majestic pine trees, glowing ice crystals, snow-loving animals, views of the “northern lights,” and spectacular photo spots for the ultimate holiday snaps. 

  • DATE: November 17, 2023 – January 7, 2024
  • *Closed most Mondays and Tuesdays, plus Thanksgiving Day (November 23), Christmas Eve (December 24), and Christmas Day (December 25)
  • TIME: 6 – 10PM
  • LOCATION: LA Zoo, 5333 Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027


The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, in partnership Council Districts 4, 2, 3, and 6, the Office of the Mayor and multiple federal, state and local partners, invites you to the upcoming Community Meeting and panel discussion for the Sepulveda Basin Vision Plan in-person on Thursday, December 7th.

The panel discussion will include a brief update on the draft Vision Plan and a facilitated discussion with panel experts from the Valley and project team. There will be an opportunity to provide written questions for the panel.

  • DATE: Thursday, December 7
  • TIME: 6PM – 8PM
  • LOCATION: Encino Community Center 4935 Balboa Blvd, Encino, CA 91316
  • FORMAT: Panel Discussion
  • Click HERE to learn more! 


SoCalGas is now offering a new optional text message to help customers in planning and preparing during the upcoming winter season. 

Customers who sign up will receive a text message from SoCalGas when there is a 20 percent or more increase in the monthly natural gas commodity cost – which impacts a portion of their bills. The 20 percent or more increase is based on the average of the last three winter (November to March) seasons’ monthly natural gas commodity prices. Starting Nov. 14, customers can complete the sign-up form to receive the Natural Gas Price Notices from December 2023 through March 2024, as applicable.


Round 2 applications for the Economic and Workforce Development Department’s (EWDD) “Microenterprise Recovery” grant program open on November 17, 2023. Grants are up to $5,000 for eligible microenterprises in the City of LA that need financial assistance recovering from COVID-19. 

To learn more and apply, click HERE. If you need assistance with the application process, contact your local BusinessSource Center. Application closes on December 10, 2023!


If you are impacted by Jet, Prop Plane or Helicopter noise and want to express your concerns in person, you can attend the Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council (VNY CAC) meetings usually held on the first Tuesday of each month, at 7PM.

  • DATE: First Tuesday of every month* 
  • TIME: 7PM
  • LOCATION: Van Nuys City Hall Council Chambers, 6262 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, CA. 

* The VNY CAC meets 10 times a year, excluding the months of July and December.

Locations may change so so check the agenda 3 days before the next monthly meeting HERE

Written public comments are also accepted before the day of each meeting and can be emailed to You can learn about other programs and information about VNY at To learn about the different options for submitting a noise comment, HERE! 


The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is pleased to announce the launch of the Hollywood Boulevard Safety and Mobility Project. Over the coming months, LADOT will engage the East Hollywood community about improving safety along a two-mile segment of Hollywood Blvd between Gower Street and Lyman Place.

Hollywood Boulevard is a thriving commercial corridor. It runs through several diverse communities including Little Armenia and Thai Town, has many pedestrians and bicyclists, and provides access to several bus lines and subway stations. However, there has been a pattern of serious crashes – 56 people were killed or severely injured between 2010 and 2019 between Gower Street and Lyman Place. 

  • LADOT is interested in hearing from local residents and stakeholders about how they walk, drive, bike, and take transit along Hollywood Blvd. Click HERE to fill out a brief project survey!


Our office is partnering with LADOT, the Encino Property Owners Association and the Encino Neighborhood Council to survey local Encino Hills residents on issues pertaining to traffic volume and speed and propose attainable solutions. 

In order to respond to high levels of traffic volume from commuters cutting through the neighborhood, LADOT is exploring reducing some of the traffic volume on Hayvenhurst Ave/Calneva Dr while acknowledging its role as a “Collector” route (a route of 2,000 – 10,000 vehicles per day). Potential additional efforts could include attempts to reduce traffic volume on local streets that lead to Hayvenhurst Ave/Calneva Dr, and to Sepulveda Blvd.

Responding to concerns about speeding and unsafe driving, potential solutions include adding select features to slow traffic on local streets like speed humps/tables, gateway treatments (similar to those at Escalon Dr/Hayvenhurst), medians, and other treatments.

Following the completion of the survey element, LADOT will use the information gathered from the survey results, collected data, and observations from the field to propose a suite of traffic volume and speed mitigation and traffic calming features in the Encino Hills area. After presentation to the community, any turn restrictions will then be installed and evaluated over six months in a “tactical trial” model, which will include another survey and outreach element, before recommending additions, removals, or alterations. Speed mitigation and traffic calming features will be installed on a permanent basis.

  • Click HERE to fill out the survey and be sure to share with your neighbors! 


The City of Los Angeles, Community Investment For Families Department (CIFD) has launched the Child Care Policy and Equity unit to increase opportunities for the over 200,000 children ages 0-5 currently living in the City. The unit helps families access high-quality child care and supports providers in strengthening their businesses. 

We ask you to participate in CIFD’s brief, 5-minute survey that helps learn about the needs of families and how the City can provide support.

  • Click HERE to take the survey! 


The City is now in the process of re-imagining the future uses of the Griffith Park Pony Ride site. This is an exciting opportunity to think about how we provide meaningful experiences for children to interact with and learn about animals, and do so in a way that centers equity and accessibility! 

RAP has hired the consulting firm PlaceWorks to conduct extensive public engagement and perform other related tasks to provide the RAP Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners and the City Council with information for decision making on the potential future uses. These include consideration of recreational, cultural and educational activities that may include animal experiences and non-animal activities.

Working together, our office and RAP have identified several characteristics as key considerations to serve as guidelines for any future use of the site. Our top priority is to ensure that the Pony Ride site offers activities that are:

  • Youth and Family-oriented
  • Affordable and Accessible (for all ages and abilities)
  • Educational
  • And, most importantly, fun!

The public engagement process will include a public survey, focus group meetings, an opinion poll of a random sampling of Los Angeles residents, pop up engagement events and community workshops. At the end of the public input process, a final report will be shared with the public, the RAP Board and City Council, compiling all community feedback, research, and options for consideration.

  • The first public workshop is expected to be held in November and we will share the exact date as soon as it’s available! For more information on the community engagement process, the plan to reimagine the Griffith Park Pony Ride site and how you can provide input, click HERE.

Our office firmly believes that Griffith Park is in need of affordable amenities that let families connect with nature in a way that is safe and healthy for both children and animals. Together, we will work to bring this space back to life with a fun, family-friendly, accessible, and educational site, centering engagement with animals for young Angelenos from across the city.

To stay up to date on closures, follow @LADOTofficial on Twitter, and check out their updates page.


Installing Speed Humps on Mulholland Drive

  • DATE/TIME: Now through Spring 2024
  • LOCATION: Mulholland Drive
  • DETAILS: The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) will be installing speed humps on Mulholland Drive in select locations in the coming months.
  • Four locations will be installed according to the timeline above. 

CONTACT: Mehmet Berker, Senior Deputy for Transportation and Infrastructure, or 818-925-0465.

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